About us

Richard Sharp is the Founder and President of The Herbal Antidote. My wife Andrea and I were on a mission to find natural products that could help our son, who is on the spectrum. His daily struggles with anxiety and general stress coping with his issues took us down the path of “regular” medications which had numerous side effects that were not acceptable. Our journey meeting with manufacturers, farmers and experts around the country was an enlightening process. We found profound relief for our son and became so convinced of the benefits of CBD we decided to immerse ourselves in the industry.

We started as a licensed North Carolina processor focused on the extraction of Oil and distillate for sale to other manufacturers. Over time we started collaborating with farmers in N.C. to grow hemp and manufacture our own products and brands.

We continued to innovate and provide products for numerous challenges our customers struggle with daily. Whether we are addressing sleep, pain management, stress, anxiety or elevation we have the products with the finest quality, taste and proven effectiveness. Most of our products are grown and made in North Carolina. Supporting our farmers and local economy is a key part of our strategic mission.

Our approach is to consult with our customers and find ways to improve the quality of their respective lives. We take pride providing the best options of edibles, drinks and smokes with our eye always on quality and local production.